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photo on March 7, 1995 1:43am
with Mac IIci

My pages are composed with...

Apple PowerMacintosh 8500/120,
NANAO FlexScan 53T,

Adobe Photoshop 3.0.3J,
Adobe PageMill 1.0,
Adobe Premiere 4.0,
Ray Dream Studio 4.0.3J,
DeskScan II 2.0,
GifBuilder 0.4,
Netscape Navigator 3.0,
HunEdit 1.6K,
DragThing 1.5.1 - 1.6,
NowUtilities 5.0J,
Decor 3.0.1J,
The Sound-Trecker 2.2,
MyEyes 1.0.5

Kadomatsu.T produce; VOCALAND

Yuri Ichii; JOYHOLIC

hi-posi; かなしいことなんかじゃない

Robert Miles; Dreamland

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